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innovative courses

math will be on the exam

Cultivating learners is a priority for ReInvent Law®. Yesterday's fast is today's slow, and the future belongs those who can learn.

We offer innovative courses for law students and practicing attorneys to develop new ways of delivering legal services.

Our students learn "hard" skills such as regression analysis and natural language processing.



law + tech + design + deliveryTM

Kodak and Instagram are the same thing: shared personal snapshots. But technology, design, and delivery made Instagram a success and left Kodak a dinosaur. We believe that tech + design + delivery holds the same promise for law.

At ReInvent Law®, we imagine a world where quality legal services are affordable, accessible, and widely-adopted. We actively pursue innovation in the delivery of legal services, and reform to legal education among other endeavours.



this is a lab

and in a lab, you build things

Law firms should have research and development departments, but they don’t. ReInvent Law® fills the R&D gap for law firms, in-house legal departments, and other legal service providers. We conduct experiments. We beta test new products. We engage in market research. We take risks. We question. We explore.

Law school is often theoretical and interdisciplinary. Not all theory and disciplines are equally valuable. We combine disciplines such as informatics, statistics, business, machine learning, programming and design to better understand and analyze the law.

Learning by doing, learning by building is what we do.

Talk is cheap. We build.



data-driven law practice

Big Data is revolutionizing every industry, and law will be no exception.

Buried within every legal opinion, there is data. This data can be captured and analyzed to make law more efficient and effective.

One of the most exciting areas is quantitative legal prediction. Just as Pandora predicts your next favorite song, and Amazon suggests a book you'll like, we believe the next generation of technology will be able predict whether you have a case, whether you'll win it, and which cases/arguments you should use in support.



every problem is also an opportunity

We turn problems into possibilities and pivots. And we inspire others to do the same.

We host startup competitions where law students pitch creative concepts for cultivating new markets in law and new methods for delivering legal services.

We organize free, open conversation-sparking exchanges around the world where leading entrepreneurs and innovators in law, technology, and beyond share their ideas. Hundreds have joined in as we’ve taken ReInvent Law® to London, Dubai, Silicon Valley, and New York City.


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